Community Service

Tejano Music History Making Event

A Tejano “dream team” gathered on September 24th, 1999 to join their voices in the fight against AIDS.

The Tejano Stars included Joe Lopez, Jimmy Gonzalez, Emilio, David Lee Garza, Bobby Pulido, Roberto Pulido, Delia Gonzalez, Elsa Garcia, Stephanie Lynn, Little Joe, Ruben Ramos, Hugo Guerro/Fandango USA, Jay Pérez, Ram Herrera, Rock Orozco, George Rivas, Noemy, Joe Jama, Blanca Velasquez, Amber Rose, Campañas de America, Oscar G, Elida Reyna, Stefani, Nydia Rojas, Joel Nava, and Humberto Ramón, recorded two songs for the CD "Canta a la Vida (Sing for Life)," which benefited the San Antonio AIDS Foundation. Even comedian Paul Rodriguez, and actor Edward James Olmos joined with their voices and helped deliver the message of hope!

Eight artists including Mazz, Little Joe, Ruben Ramos, Rick Orozco, Nydia Roja, Fandango USA, Elida y Avante, and Campanas de America donated previously recorded songs which rounded out the CD. 

San Antonio's Rick Orozco wrote one of the original songs for this CD. "Let's Not Look Away" stresses society's responsibility to help the downtrodden. The Spanish-language counter part, "Tenemos Que Abrir Los Ojos” (We Must Open Our Eyes) was written by award-winning Humberto Ramon of Laredo, Texas.

Tejano award-winning and Grammy producers/musicians: Joel Guzman, Michael Morales, and Gilbert Velasquez rose to the occasion to contribute to the production value.

"Canta a la Vida" is the brainchild of executive producer Arjon Tabatabai, long time entertainment executive in the San Antonio business community.

Co-executive producer and project coordinator Rubén Cubillos said Tejano stars can educate their fans through music. "Music is a universal language with which messages can be identified; this project shows that we can give of ourselves for our fellow man."

All proceeds benefited the San Antonio AIDS foundation's hospice and education programs. With a limited number produced, today these collectable CD’s can be found online.