About Us

With an enviable success record in the dining and restaurant industries, Arjon Tabatabai is known throughout the region as one of the top entertainment managers and developers. At the heart of this reputation is Arjon's track record of breathing success into restaurants and clubs.

PHILOSOPHY: "If people don't come back more than twice, I believe we didn't do our best. The sure way to win is to create desire on their part to come back. You make money by building business, not cutting costs."

SERVICES: Tailored to each client's needs, Arjon's offers consultation or management services.

PROFILE: Now a naturalized citizen, the Iran-born Arjon is a celebrated businessman in San Antonio and Dallas, owning and/or managing a dozen four-star restaurants over the past two decades with his brothers Beajan and Ali Tabatabai. Nicknamed the Sultan of Cuisine, he began his culinary expertise with the Marriott Hotel chain while earning his BBA degree at University of Texas at Arlington. Celebrated restaurants owned or managed by the Tabatabai brothers include Arthur's, PJ's and Ruffino's in San Antonio, and Papillon, Enclave and Malibu's in Dallas.